I'm a Director and Cinematographer, based in British Columbia, Canada.

For 15 years I've been involved in commercial and documentary imagery. My focus is assembling small talented crews and working efficiently to capture beautiful imagery in challenging environments. I am experienced in all aspects of production, from conceptualization to completion.

I love books and music, pretty pictures and places, and I'm particularly fond of capturing a feeling; looking and listening, and translating that through images and sound. It may seem obvious, but there's something to be said for settling into the vibe of a place, and discovering what it has to say.

Whether you're looking for a night under lasers, a day in the studio, or a month on the tundra, I'm always open to discussing new creative and commercial opportunities. I am familiar with a breadth of film and photography aesthetics and equipment, and roll standard with a 6k RED kit and a passion for creating the best images to compliment an engaging story — as well as a desire to keep things trill.