The Emmy Awards — Sports ‘Outstanding Camera Work’ (2017).
Role: Director of Photography & Camera Operator
Film: Dream Quest Episode on Outside Television
Client: Philips Electronics & Sweetgrass Productions

Powder Magazine ‘ Best Cinematography’ (2016).
Role: Cinematographer
Film: Ruin & Rose
Client: Matchstick Films

Vimeo Staff Pick (2015).
Role: Cinematographer
Film: Darklight
Client: Philips Electronics

Bigger Picture Film Awards ‘ Best Cine’ & ‘Best Doc’ (2016).
Role: Principle Cinematographer
Film: Jumbo Wild
Client: Patagonia

Vimeo Staff Pick w 10 Million Total Views (2014).
Role: Cinematographer & BTS Film Director
Film: Afterglow Lightsuite
Client: Philips Electronics

7.5 Million Views (2013).
Role: Cinematographer & Model
Film: Naked Ski & Snowboard exert from Valhalla

Powder Magazine ‘Ski Film of the Year’ (2013).
Role: Cinematographer & Art Direction
Film: Valhalla

Bike Magazine ‘Breakout Film Producer’ & ‘Best Air Sequence’ (2006).
Role: Director, Director of Photography, Producer
Film: Stripped
Client: Personal Project