Jason Mannings is a film director and artist from British Columbia, Canada. He is primarily a filmmaker, with overlapping artwork in photography, creative writing, music curation, and — for the open-minded — carving delicate lines through remote mountains on a splitboard. Rejecting the common dichotomy, he is both tuned into nature and culture, which heavily informs his artworks. He studied literature, journalism, and creative writing, but learned far more under temperate rainforest canopies and on snowy alpine peaks. Outside (yet closely related to) his personal artworks, he works as a professional film director, director of photography, and film editor. His first award-winning film, Stripped, was created in 2005, and in 2017 he won an Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Camera Work’. Today, his focus is on directing creative-documentaries, commercials, and experimental-films, as well as preparing analog photography collections for forthcoming exhibitions. When he’s not fully immersed in filmmaking, he’s either in the woods on a mountain bike, feeding the alleyway cats, or shrouded in experimental electronics in a dark warehouse.