Artistry and story are first and foremost, however, there are some aesthetic differences between various filmmaking (and photography) formats, and I’m always open to choosing the format(s) that best fit the project.

This nearly goes without saying, but at a time when it’s often assumed that the latest and greatest digital camera is the answer (sometimes it is) there’s also something to be said for investigating the specific story, brand, and logistics, and deciding what formats are the most appropriate visually, practically, and economically. Whether it’s a RED/Arri digital cinema camera or a Super8/16mm motion picture camera, a vintage VHS-C camcorder or a modern mirrorless, digital full frame or 35mm film, I’m able to work in the medium(s) that deliver the best results for each project.

As of 2019, a lot of the films on this website are shot on professional digital cinema formats, and a lot of the photographs are shot on analog film formats, but that’s merely sign of what I was up to in there 20xx.