GOO | ‘60-sec Pitch’

Directed by Jason Mannings


Director Of Photography: Jason Mannings
Production Company: Alt BC
Subject: Max Ammo
Edit/Color/Sound: Jason Mannings
Music: Goo
Client: Storyhive Pitch

'Goo' is a 22-min film exploring Vancouver’s noise & techno communities by creatively circling a central character, Max Ammo: a non-binary Mexican immigrant, musician, and illustrator. Max works professionally as an animator, and performs live music under the aliases Goo and Ultraviolet Light. Max has performed at countless contemporary music events in the city, including performances curated by the longstanding New Forms Festival. Through Max’s story, and within the context of Vancouver, the film thoughtfully engages with art, gender, immigration, and gentrification,: all pertinent themes in Vancouver today, as well as in society at large — there’s something of the zeitgeist within this character driven documentary. Visually edgy — and yes, cinematic — the film wanders the streets, art studios, social spaces, and neighbourhoods of Vancouver, culminating behind the unmarked doors of some of the city’s most culturally significant venues.