Personal Kit available to rent to productions.

Additional equipment acquired from rental houses on a shoot-by-shoot basis.

Motion: 6K RED camera + Zeiss Milvus lenses.

Digital Stills: Nikon & Sony FF bodies + Nikon FF lenses.

Analog Film Stills: Nikon SLRs for 35mm & Hasselblad XPAN for Widescreen.

Analog Motion: Vivitar Super8mm camera.

LoFi Video: vintage Panasonic camcorder.

Lighting: Aputure LED lighting kit w. AC/DC powering options (including a portable generator).

Audio: Mics & Recorders for interviews, diagetic sound, and field recordings.

Post-Productions: essentials for DIT on set, and for edit/color/sound in post.

Stabilization: Tripods, Gimbal + ReadyRig, Shoulder Rigs, Dollies, Cranes.

Transport: 4-door 4x4 pickup truck.