In 1996, at the age of 10, I shot my first film — a satirical beer commercial — using a Hi-8 camcorder. I edited it from one VCR to another, reviewing the shots on an old cathode ray tube tv.

Since then, I’ve been involved in a mix of imagery and storytelling, winning my first notable award in 2006: ‘Best New Film Producer’ from the coveted Bike Mag Video Awards, for an independent sports film that I Directed, Produced, and DP’d, alongside Tamas Forde. A decade later, in 2017, I received an Emmy Award for my cinematography — ‘Outstanding Camera Work’ — on a televised documentary, that was commissioned by Outside Television, and produced by frequent collaborators Sweetgrass Productions.

In 2019, I’m Directing commercials and films, as I find it’s the surest way to execute my artistic vision. I also continue to work as a Director of Photography (DP/Cinematographer) on certain projects, as I love composing ‘the look’. I have recently begun accepting Editorial Photography assignments, which is a growing passion I find highly complimentary.

I am experienced in all aspects of production: conceptualization, production, and post-production. My talent is in assembling small crews, to tell stories in high quality, in a wide range of environments. I remain actively in touch with youth culture, art, and music, while also bringing a little maturity and wisdom to projects.

My history intertwines the fringes of art, nature, and sports: I love books & music, pretty pictures & places, and I'm particularly fond of capturing a feeling: looking and listening, and translating that through images and sound.

Whether you're looking for a month in the mountains, a night at a music festival, or a day in the city, I'm always open to discussing new creative and commercial opportunities. I am familiar with a breadth of film and photography aesthetics and equipment, and have a passion for creating the best imagery to compliment the story.

Please feel free to reach out . . . I’m always happy to discuss project ideas.