Directed by Jason Mannings


Production Company: Alt BC
Director Of Photography: Jason Mannings
Music: Locust & Ossia
Edit/Color/Sound: Jason Mannings
Client: Personal Project

Shot and edited on the same day — no crew. Simply awoken to an unexpected phone call.


The forest was completely logged. More arrests were made. The camp disbanded and took up various other conservation projects. The Government of BC continues to support widespread industrial clear cut logging, practised with short foresight and outdated methods, despite a laundry list of signs indicating a reevaluation of archaic industry practices is long overdue, in order to make forest management in the province more economically and environmentally sustainable.


Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia. September 9th, 2016.

Police respond to a court injunction against a logging blockade on Mount Elphinstone. Concerned citizens are hoping to protect this area: it's one of the older easily accessible forests on the Sunshine Coast. The BC Government considers it a "blue-listed ecosystem," which, in their own terms, means that it's an "ecosystem that is of special concern" as well as "formerly vulnerable". It is also a popular recreation area, for locals and tourists alike, with mountain bikers, hikers, dog walkers, mushroom pickers, artists, and others frequenting the area every-day year-round. The iconic mountain bike trail Twister, which runs next to Mach Chicken, is in the middle of the proposed cut-block, which is also within the proposed area for a (much needed) expansion of the Mt. Elphinstone Provincial Park, from 240 ha to 2137 ha. Biodiversity and tourism are both on the chopping block, w/o community consent.